György Zoltai Zozó
bluesharp, vocal
Deák Bill Blues Band '01-'02 (blues rock)
Kentucky Publix '03-'04 (bluegrass)
Another Country '05-'06 (bluegrass)
Jack Cannon '06-
In comparison with the majority of the harp players I´m trying not to follow the classical playing trend. What you can notice, is rather the guitarist way of thinking, which is reflected in my playing. Since 2005 I have been teaching harp playing and since 2008 I have been an artist of the German Seydel company. In 2009 I got a great offer from a local music publisher to write a professional harp schoolbook. Until that time there was not such a book in Hungary, so I was very pleased to write this schoolbook accompanied with a learning CD. I am very glad the interest in harp playing is still developing in Hungary.