Péter Gyergyádesz
Kentucky Publix '00-'04 (bluegrass)
Acousticure '03-'10 (bluegrass)
Another Country '05-'06 (bluegrass)
Rodeó '05-'07 (country, bluegrass)
Jack Cannon '06-
Why? Just because. Or because music was my first experience I can remember. Since then i am always looking for my inner voice what I am. I can find sometimes. violin, double bass, bass guitar, double bass, electric bass, bass ... rock-heavy pop-folk-country-bluegrass-blues music ... what i have discovered, played, listened. rodeo, kentucky publix, acousticure ... success, doubt, money? I joined-bored-I quit-called-I did not want-still-new style- it worked-we went-success-we won-divorse-new band-we went-not there-abroad-money-big shot-european appreciation-shattered-difficult. Music? I'm starting to guess why and how. Music? Now I can feel the right wind arrived...