Adam Bíró
Kétszínű csend '93-'94 (alternative rock)
Bíborköd '94-'97 (hard rock)
Sulyom fiúk '97,'04 (beat)
Crazy Blues Band '97 (traditional blues)
Detroit '97-'03 (instrumental progressive rock)
Handmade '03-'05 (instrumental progressive rock)
Smilemakers '04-'05 (jazz, funky)
F.C.Pop '05-'06 (acoustic pop blues)
Jack Cannon '06-
Acoustic by Heart '13-
In my early childhood I had a regularly reoccuring dream that I was playing guitar on a big stage. I was constantly pushing my mum till she took me to the local music school at the age of 10 where I started to play classical guitar. I quickly realized that my imagination was slightly different so after 5 years in the music school, I quit and established my first band in ’92. By that time I started to find my own way of playing music. I played in many bands, in styles from hard rock to jazz. Now in the Jack Cannon Band I finally feel that I have found my own style of playing but in the meantime I am always trying to find some new way directions of playing…